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I'm a mother of 4 with an ambition for running. I spend most of my time chasing after my kiddos but I stick in some training and chase my PR's when I can. I graduated with a B.S. degree in Exercise Science and then obtained an A.S. degree in Physical Therapy. Although I stay at home with my family, I use blogging as an outlet to gain and share any knowledge that can. Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my experiences with you!             
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Random Questions                                                                         

  • Favorite mantra - "Keep Calm and Run On".  
         I have this on my Road ID.  It serves as several reminders.   I have a tendancy to attack a run but this saying helps me to start slow, keep my body relaxed, breathe evenly, and enjoy my  freedom from kids surroundings.

  • Healthy meal "go to" - 
        There are two main dishes in my arsenal.  Both super easy.  Both pretty fast.  Both darn healthy.   Click on the names for a post link.  Lean Pork Salad and a Mongolian Style Dish.

  • What I do to chillax - Three words: Beach, Book, Drink
         If this isn't possible then I go to plan B.  Backyard, Sun, Book, and Drink.  Sometimes I'll stick my feet in the kiddie pool and pretend I'm in Cancun.  If all else fails, and I'm desperate I go to plan C.  Bathroom, Locked Door, Bath and Drink.  If Mama ain't happy...

         Clarification - by drink I mean a cold mug of Dr. Pepper.  Ideally dirty with 3 squirts of coconut and 1 squirt lime.  Yes, it's a problem.  No, I'm not in denial.  Yes, I have set boundaries for myself.  ;)

  • Favorite Active Pastime - 
         Anything outdoors!  I would've made a great hippie.

  • What or who inspires me - 
         My faith.  While I have many people in my life who motivate me to be better, it is my Savior Jesus Christ that inspires me to be great.
        My family.  My progression as a human being would have been pretty lame without my super hero hubby and four pretty darn cute kids.  While I do need the occasional "time-out" (I don't know what my kids complain about, I LOVE time-outs!) I really do live to see their faces every day. 

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