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I am a Mom to 3 crazy boys, and wife to one amazing man, and I love it!  They keep me young and active.  I never thought I would say the words I am a runner, but somehow I am.  I started out really hating to run, but I had been roped into a race and through all the training I have learned to love it.  Fitness and sports have always been a part of my life and I have done a lot of different things from karate to dance to soccer and more.  I love all things alternative, I really enjoy learning about the body and what it can do with the proper nutrition and exercise.  I think our bodies are amazing and have amazing abilities to heal themselves if we will help them out.  I am a certified foot zone therapist through the academy of foot zone therapy.  I have been doing this for 6 years and I really enjoy it.  I also have a B.A. in Business management and really enjoy the business world.

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Random Questions                                                                         

  • Favorite mantra - "Find Joy In The Journey".  
 I think we get so wrapped up in life sometimes that we forget to find the joy in the journey as we go along.  It is important for me to be happy no matter my circumstances, sometimes this is hard, but if I remember to find the Joy it makes it much easier.

  • Healthy meal "go to" - 
My favorite healthy meals are a green smoothie, or I also really like the spinach strawberry salad in the summertime, its easy and super delicious!

    • What I do to chillax - 
    Most times my time to chillax happens in the quiet after the kiddos have gone to bed.  In those moments I enjoy a great book and a bubble bath!  I also really enjoy music, so anytime I can sing, dance or just enjoy some great tunes I do.
    • Favorite Active Pastime - 
    I love to be on a beach or by the water.  I really enjoy boating, skiing, wakeboarding, or basically just hanging out in the sunshine!
      • What or who inspires me - 
      This is a hard question....  I am inspired by those who overcome hard things.   Not just one individual but there are so many.  It is amazing to watch a person grow after coming through a struggle (not that I like to see anyone struggle) but I am always inspired by those who can overcome a challenge and continue on stronger and better than before.

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