Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One step at a Time

Jim Rohn is one of my favorite motivational/personal development speakers/authors.  He is a great inspiration to me.  One of my most recent favorites of his is
He is so inspiring and so motivational to listen to or to read.  But to the point.   With anything in life it is making the little steps over and over again that build us to where we want to be.  For instance if you are wanting to loose a few lbs, you start with incorporating some exercise into your routine and you do that day after day, then you add in a few veggies and fruits to your diet, keep at it day after day, and pretty soon you are making progress toward your goal of loosing a few lbs.  Or if your goal is to learn something new, you find 10-15 min each day to read about what it is you want to learn, or enroll in a class, and little by little you get to where you want to be.  It isn't always easy to do the little things over and over, but I promise it will pay off.  Keep at your little steps!

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