Monday, April 28, 2014

7 Day Challenge: WATER

Water is essential to our survival, we can go much longer without food than we can water.  Because our body is largely made up of water we have to continue to replace it.  It takes our bodies several days to weeks to completely re-hydrate once we are dehydrated.  There are many theories out there as to how much water you should be drinking.  I think the guideline of 8 glasses a day is a minimum guideline as this is 64oz and would be recommended for almost any adult.  I like the guide of half your weight in oz of water so if I were a 200lb person (for easy math) I would take 200/2 = 100... then I would drink 100oz of water per day.  This is pretty basic and simple.  I have heard that if you are active you need this amount plus additional water for every 20 min of exercise.  For now I think just getting the basics down and then go from there.  So 7 days of getting in half your body weight of water each day.  I have created a facebook group for our challenges so that we can support each other in what we are doing.  Feel free to join us here.  

Here are my tips:
Start your day with a big glass of water
30 min before a meal have a big glass of water
Keep a water with you at all times
Always have a bathroom close by ;)
When I am hungry have a glass of water and wait a few minutes to make sure I am really hungry
Get a fun water bottle that will keep you motivated and keep track of where your at ( I am not sure why this motivates me but it does... I have a water bottle fetish!
Set a goal to have a certain amount of water finished by lunch

Here is my current favorite water bottle, except mine is pink.

Benefits of water:

1.  Helps with weightloss - flushes your system by removing by-products of fat.  reduces your food intake, reduces hunger, raises your metabolism, and has no calories!!

2.  Improves your skin!!! Who doesn't want better skin!  It moisturizes your skin, keeps it glowing ans fresh.  Helps to get rid of wrinkles! Helps to get rid of acne and again it is free with zero calories!

3.  Aids in digestion!  Water is essential to digest your food and you will notice improved regularity once you start upping your intake.  It also helps to prevent constipation.

4. Increases your energy!  Since our brain is mostly made up of water, drinking water helps you think/focus/concentrate better and be more alert. You also boost your energy levels.

5.  Boosts Your Immune System - those who are regular with water intake are less likely to come down with a bug.  Water helps protect and fight against flus, colds, and many other ailments like cancer and heart attack.

6.  Helps with Mood!!!  When your body has the things you need your mood is improved.  Water helps to carry out all the bodily functions that help with mood.

7.  Helps with Cramp and Sprain prevention - water consumption helps to keep your joints lubricated and muscles elastic so your less likely to have joint pain.

8.  Flushes toxins - Natural and free detox.  By drinking water you help your body eliminate waste through sweat and urination, reducing the rick of UTI's and kidney stones. 

9.  Natural remedy for a headache - I always tell my hubby to drink water when he complains of a headache.  Helps with headache prevention, migraines and back pains too.  One of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration.

10.  IT IS FREE!!! It is calorie free, and costs little or nothing!  

Drink up!!

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