Friday, April 18, 2014

Guest Post: Learning to Love Me by Jamie Anderson RX2Fitness

Sheena asked me to write up something about my weight loss journey.  This is one thing I love to share because it's the one thing that has changed my life the very most.

This comparison picture of me was taken exactly a year apart.. The before is actually my middle part of my journey.  Anyways, You can see I've had a lot of physical changes, but what you can't see is the changes that I made on the inside. (Which to me is has been wayyyyy more valuable than the physical changes because I found out how to love myself) I'm proof that if you change your thoughts about yourself, the outside will follow. It's really weird to me to have a conversation with someone else, to find out they have the same negative thoughts about them, as I did for myself. (I thought it was only me!) Thoughts like "I'm not good enough" "I'm not fast enough" "I'm not skinny enough" "I'm not a strong enough" "I'm not pretty enough"... and the list goes on and on and on. (Why and who put this into our brains!?!) 

Also what I've found is that a lot of women have a really really hard time accepting complimnets. For me every time someone would pay me a compliment I would think to myself "they are just saying that because they feel bad for me." "They are just saying that because I'm the last to finish the workout" I had a list of excuses for myself at why someone would actually like who I was, because I didn't like myself. 

The ending of 2012, I was at a crossroads with my weight loss, I was getting frustrated because I wasn't going anywhere. I decided to take the plunge again and let myself be seen and critiqued in a different way. I hired someone to help me with my nutrition. Little did I know, he would change my life. He saw me. He didn't see everything I thought I was. (every negative thing out there!) I decided to listen to his advice and really make an effort to change my thoughts about myself. The first thing was accepting compliments. If someone paid me a compliment, all I had to do was smile and say thank you, regardless of if I believed the person or not. That taught me to accept love. As I kept doing that eventually my thoughts towards myself started to change. I was good enough. I am good enough. The reason I really love this part about my journey is because I found out how to love myself.  And with loving myself I am more forgiving of my mistakes, I take better care of myself, I'm happier… and things just fell right into place because I love myself for who I am.  See why loving yourself would benefit all parts of your life?

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