Thursday, February 20, 2014

Diet Game with Friends, What could be better?

Physical book Kindle Book
This book is a go to for me when I need to start into eating better or loose a few lbs.  We have done several contests before using this method and I have loved it  loved my results every. Single. time.  even though during the game I may not have been quite that enthusiastic.  It is really a tough thing to loose weight and change your eating habits to healthier ones, plus if your not already doing a few of the other things it makes the adjustment extra hard.

Here is the basics:
5 small meals per day (carb the size of your fist, protein the size of your palm, and healthy fat the size of your thumb and at least two meals must include 2 fist fulls of veggies)  You are never really hungry if you take advantage of the free veggies at each meal and your eating so often as well.  Meals must be eaten every 2-4 hours and the first within 1 hour of waking.
3 liters water
7+ hours of sleep
20 min of exercise
2 healthy habits one your giving up and one your adding in one
Communicate with at least 1 team mate and 1 opponent.

I think this covers the basics.  The food is a little more in depth, no sugar, no soda, no alcohol, nothing fried, carbs are fruits and whole grains, protein is a lean source of protein such as chicken, fish, cottage cheese or other low fat cheeses, and fats are the monounsaturated fats such as avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil.  You get 1 cheat day (don't over do it or you'll regret it) this is a day off from everything
.  You get 1 cheat meal, and 100 free calories per day to use toward anything except soda or alcohol.

Really this is not too bad, but the fact that you are on a team and you don't want to let them down is a huge part of keeping this going.  We usually put $10-20 per person in the pot and winning team takes all.  I have had people loose anywhere from 5-20lbs in a 4 week period.  All of the things that you are doing here are key to success.  The meals are obviously necessary for weight loss and it is really nice not to have to count calories.  The water, sleep and exercise are also critical to helping you become a healthier and hopefully lighter version of yourself.  The point of the game is health, with weight loss an added benefit.  This is probably what I am headed towards as I am training for my marathon in the next few months it will be necessary for me to fuel properly for my body to function properly.  In addition to making sure I am hydrated.

What is your go-to for diets when you are looking to shed a few lbs?

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