Friday, February 14, 2014

Desperate Measures

It happened last Tuesday.

The storm clouds parted, the sun was throwing down some golden rays, and my legs got an itch...bad.  Not the kind that you can scratch.  The kind where the rabid runner in me just wants to go outside and let loose.

Problem -  my big kids were at school and my baby was napping.

Solution - Become even more of a geek (see previous post).  I measured out the distance between the stop signs on my street and ran back and forth like a crazy women.  My house sits right in the middle so I pass by often and can keep a close eye on things.  After 10 passes I had 4 miles done.  Itch was "scratched", face absorbed some vitamin D, and this Momma was in a good mood.


On a less sunny day.
This dip sits between me and one stop sign.  The incline grade is the same both directions so during my fanatical outing, I hit some hill repeats too.  Two-fer baby!  I contemplated waiting at the top to hitch a ride a couple times but forced one foot in front of the other.

I then continued my desperate rampage by renewing my Runner's World subscription.  The Special Olympic fundraisers get me every year!  At least I can say no to the girl scouts.  Okay, not really.  I've got 4 boxes of cookies coming in March.  Gonna have to up the energy output next month and burn some extra calories because those Thin Mints are divine!...and Samoas...and Tagalongs...oh boy.

Halftime Results

It has come time to own up and post my halftime measurements from the original pics here.  
My goals in review...
Waist - 29 inches      Thigh - 22 inches      Hips - 37 inches
Gulp, here we go.

Waist: 30" - down 1 inch.

                            Thigh: 22 1/2" - down 1/2 inch                    Hips: 38" - down 1/2inch

At least it's all headed the right direction.  Little worried about the hips.  Gonna have to start working my butt off.  Hahahaha!  Get it?  I'm hilarious.  My rear is always the last to go though.  Baby got back.

Link Love

Lastly, I got hooked up with a couple coupon codes that may appeal to you so I thought I'd share.

SLC marathon -  use MKTACTSLC14  to get $5 off.  Expires -  2/17/14
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