Friday, February 28, 2014

Virtual Challenge

Last week I was crowned headstand champion.  My 7 year old.  That's right.  I totally took her down.  Proof...

Yes those are frumpy mom sweats.  I have them in several colors and wear them with pride.

Let's just say there were a lot of giggles involved and a big head rush.  I'm not talking about letting the victory get to my head.  I'm talking about blood rushing to and from my already starving brain. Good times.

It has been proven that I enjoy a little competition.  I don't have a "win at all cost" attitude but I do like the adrenaline rush, the sportsmanship, the memories, the challenge, and the motivation it gives me to train.   And I do like to win...just not at ALL costs...and not really against my kids.  Although they take me down plenty too.  Let's just say I suck at riding a rip-stick, the hula-hoop, and Super Mario Cart Wii.

Mostly I like to improve upon myself.  Though sometimes I find myself bored, broke, or un-motivated. Here is something that helps get me going.

Join a virtual challenge.

What, When, Where?  Running a race can be exhilarating.  The people, the swag, the bling, the accomplishment - all awesome.  But there can be other factors that are a bummer like cost, travel, and bad timing.  The beauty of a virtual race is that it can be free, done on your own time (within a date range), and from your doorstep.  More awesomeness.  Many virtual races even offer medals if you opt to pay the fee.  

Here are a few resources.

 US Road Running
Best site I've found that offers all kinds of
virtual opportunities.  The cost can be anywhere from free + depending on race and options selected. Bonus -  Their medals rock.

The Boston Marathon World Run
The Boston marathon is the world's longest running marathon.  This year they are opening an inagural event where any participant can pledge to run/walk/crawl any distance.  Cost = Free!  There is an option to donate to the One Fund which helps families effected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing if you so desire.  Website states "All registrants will receive a printable bib number, a digital finishers’ medal, and a printable finishers’ certificate."  Sign up by clicking HERE.

Spark People
This site-link is a great training tool.  You can register for a virtual race any week of the year and then simply log your results to see how you did against other competitors. All free.

This site is another example of how virtual racing can have a greater purpose. Each of their races make a donation to a foundation.  If your going to pay to run a race, you might as well get a medal and help a good   cause.  Check out their Voyage to Venus event.

To find additional challenges, make Google your friend.  Search engine ideas...

  • Virtual races with medals
  • Virtual fitness challenge
  • 2014 virtual races
  • Virtual road races
  • Virtual race prizes 2014
  • Virtual 5k (10k, 15k, 1/2, Full,) races 2014

Hoping this gives you additional arsenal in getting your motivation moving!

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