Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Wet Test

What is the story behind your arch?

Dip your feet in some water, than walk on a surface that will show your imprint.  I went all out with a cup of water.  After throwing it down on my sidewalk, I hopped in and then out.  Pretty scientific eh? Here are what my arches look like.

Who cares? 

Anyone looking to buy a new running shoe should.  Knowing what your arch looks like will help you determine what kind of support your new duds need.  The goal is finding a shoe that helps your feet maintain a more neutral position from touch down to push off.  I stole this chart from Dicks Sporting Goods because it sums up the results of the "Wet Test" nicely.

If you have a medium "normal" arch consider yourself lucky.  You can wear pretty much any shoe that doesn't get in the way of how you run naturally.  Probably best to stay away from shoes that offer motion control.

If your arch is high, you are one of a kind.  This is the least common arch and doesn't really require any help or correction as long as you are running pain free.  Your shoes could wear out quickly on the outside and you may just have to replace them more often.

If your arch is flat, you have a little more work to do in finding a shoe that gives you enough support to keep your foot from rolling in too far.  A "motion control" shoe will most likely have a different color of mid sole, (often grey) and will be a bit firmer.  If you like the support but want a softer ride, you can get a comfy insole that can help.

How do you know if the shoe fits your criteria? 

Often you can ask the shoe guru to point you to the shoes with "----".  If not, many times the shoe box will specify.  I also always bring my smart phone so I can read reviews and look up shoe information after I find one I like.  My kids think shoe shopping could possibly be the most boring thing ever trumping both listening to me explain math and waiting for me to stop talking to everyone on the way out of church. I gotta take my time!  I want these suckers to make me superwomen on the road!

Due to a schedule conflict (a.k.a church calling) I will now be posting on Wednesday and Friday.  

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