Thursday, March 20, 2014

Don't Steal Joy Especially Your Own!

As usually I started my day by getting up and spending a few moments catching up on facebook.  I remembered that it was St. Patricks day, but had forgotten to really do anything for my kids. I sometimes have done things for my kids like left them some gold, or turned the milk green or something like that, but this morning I had not and it was too late my kids were up.  Oops.  So I had allowed myself to think I was a terrible mom because I hadn't made a leprechaun trap with them or had rainbow pudding made or some other wonderful thing that I could have found on the Devils Website also known as Pinterest.  (I kid of course I love pinterest until I allow it to make me feel bad about myself.)  In my moment of feeling like a terrible mom, I had posted in a private group and asked how many Moms had done something and how many had not in an effort to hopefully make myself feel better, or know how truly terrible I was.  Well at first it did make me feel better, there were a lot of mom's just like me who had done nothing more than make sure their kiddos had green on. 

But then one mom posted stating that she was one of the lame over the top moms who had done tons of cute things for her kids and she listed them off...  When she said that my heart sunk... was I the cause of her feeling "lame" because that was not my intention, I had thought she was awesome and really had it together.  Thankfully it didn't turn into the war that it could have after that point, but gave me a moment of understanding.  This was her way to journal what she was doing it was an accomplishment she was proud of, it was also something her mother had done for them and she was carrying on the tradition as she had so many fond memories of this. 

I commented after her and said I hope this didn't make you feel bad, I was feeling guilty for not doing anything and I am always inspired to do more for my kiddos when I see other moms doing such fun things. 

She then posted and said she was always inspired by my healthy posts and all the health and fitness related things that I do. 

Now I track and post my health and fitness things because I am a total nerd and I need to know how many miles I have ran in a week, month, and year to  help me know how close to my goals.  My mother and father were also very much and still are into fitness and healthy living, so it is what I saw as an example growing up and had many fond memories of the stuff we did that was fitness related.  I also post stuff to inspire people and help them in their healthy journey too. 

My point in this story is that no matter what we can find someone doing something better than us, but we can also find someone doing worse.  But by making that comparison either way it steals your own joy or the joy of someone else, and who wants to be that person. 

We are our own worst critic and it is often far easier to say something nice to someone else or see how great they are at something and completely miss all of the great things we are doing.  Am I a bad mom for not doing cute things for my kids on every holiday?  Nope.  I am a good mom by being a healthy example for them, I am a good mom by reading to them, I am a good mom by loving them and really that is the most important part.   I love my kids and they know that.  

Give yourself some credit for the greatness you are doing and not the things you aren't. Don't let comparison steal your joy or the joy of anyone else.  Encourage those around you and tell them what they do that is great.  But encourage yourself too, recognize the greatness within yourself. 

Normally, I don't get a lot of comments but I am really hoping I can get a few here. (How is that for just shy of begging ;))  But seriously please comment below and tell me something great about yourself.  What are you good at?  What makes you a good spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, employee etc? What do you like most about your appearance?   What areas of life do you feel accomplished in? 

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