Monday, March 24, 2014

Meal Prepping (part 1)

I am not organized but how much easier my life would be if I were.  One thing I have been trying to do more of since starting the Game On Diet Health Challenge is prepping meals.  It is so much easier to eat healthy when healthy eating doesn't take much.  So here are a few things I do to make healthier meal choices.

Wash and cut up, and peel (whatever else they might need) my veggies when I get home from the store (unless they don't keep well cut up like cucumbers I will only cut one instead of all of them)
Sometimes I even go so far as to put them in individual baggies so they are easy to grab.  I do this with anything I can, strawberries, blueberries, etc.

I will make a nice big pot of steel cut oats too (30min is too long to wait in the morning to get breakfast done)

I will take a bunch of eggs and boil them as well... I have learned I have to mark them or we have problems.

I will also grill up some chicken so it is ready for whatever I decide to make. Like this yummy wrap.
This is soo  easy.  Ole Spinach and Herb Tortilla, spicy mustard, greens (a tiny bit of cheese, really can you have a meal without it ;) )  Grilled chicken  and some sraracha sauce (gives it a nice kick).  This is my favorite yummy filling meal we have done playing Game On Diet.

I will take and make up baggies for green smoothies too.  Spinach, chia seeds, frozen tropical mix and half a banana (or whatever fruit you prefer), I have to fit them into my individual size cup on my Ninja and then bag them so I don't over do it.  So pick a green (spinach, Kale, romaine, baby spring mix, beat greens), a healthy fat (chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, avocado) , a fruit or combination of fruits, and then if you want put in some protein powder (I like doterra's Trim Shake or Try About Time protein) I have also used hemp powder for protein too.  I will make a week worth for me and my hubby so we can have one each day.  I bag all the ingredients except the liquid and put it in the freezer.  Then I put the ingredients into my blender with a bit of liquid (water, aloe vera juice, coconut water, almond milk or milk) and blend and I am ready to roll.

Dinner:  This is the hardest part of the day, because I have to please a whole house full of very different taste buds, keep it healthy and filling. 

Things that help,  Menu planning and getting it all at the store in one trip.  You can meal plan by month and the first of the month get all your non-perishables for the month along with the perishables for that week.  Then each week run to the store and get your items for the meals that week so you have fresh produce. Or you can buy a bunch and make freezer meals.  The easiest way for me to build up my freezer meals is to make a double batch of each dinner, and then put one in the freezer and have one for dinner that night.  Stay tuned on Thursday for some great Healthy and easy Dinner recipes that you can make in advance and some you can freeze.

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