Monday, January 12, 2015

12 Weeks to Wellness

Hey everyone! I am hosting 12 weeks to wellness over on my facebook page and I wanted to include you all in on it!  We started last week with getting half our weight in water each day!
 As you know from a prior post water is super important!  Helps in so many ways, so if your up for the challenge this week we are adding in 20+ minutes of exercise each day!   I will be posting a new exercise idea each day that you are welcome to do or you can go ahead and do your own thing!  During my 12 weeks to wellness I will be adding one more thing each week.  I do well doing a little at a time so my system isn't shocked into a whole new routine and feeling deprived and overworked.  I know some of you are the all or nothing type and if that is you then by all means do it all, and encourage us slow pokes!!!  For me I want lasting habits and it seems that when I jump all in I last about 4-8 weeks (or hours) and then I start to feel deprived and binge. 

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