Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's the Weekend Let's Workout

If you are like me, I have to workout in the morning or it doesn't happen.  I get up and get the kiddos out the door to school and me and my youngest kiddo head down to the basement to get our sweat on.  He last about 15 minutes and then has found a cool toy or is trying to grab my leg and give me extra weight or climbing on my back, it definitely keeps things interesting.  I should probably get up before the kids go to school and get it done, but right now this is working for me and even with the cute distraction I still get a great workout.  But I do schedule the post for early for those of you who have to get your workout in before work or just enjoy the early morning hours.

Today after an awesome comment yesterday we are going to do a HIIT workout from a new site called!  This site is awesome, tons of workouts and they are free!!! Thanks Kasey for letting me know!!! I love comments especially ones like this where I find a new wonderful treasure!  I will definitely be doing some of these workouts.  The site is great you can put in how much time you have and it will find you a workout, or search what type of workout you are looking for.  This is the one I chose, and it was awesome!!! Hurts sooo good!  Be ready to sweat and feel the burn.

I love HIIT workouts!  Mostly because I can do them from home, I don't have to have fancy equipment, just me n my body.  Of course there are equipment you can add in to your HIIT workouts such as jump ropes, rowing machines etc.  But you don't have to have them.

You burn more fat during a HIIT workout than a steady paced run.  In fact studies show that you will continue to burn more calories than other exercises for up to 24 hours after that workout is over.  And not only that but you don't burn muscle (we want muscles because they help us to burn more calories, and they look so much nicer than cellulite).  Steady state cardio seems to encourage muscle loss while strength training and HIIT do not.

They are efficient!  Research shows that doing a HIIT workout 3 days per week for only 15 minutes will get you better results than an hour on the treadmill!  Just 2 weeks of HIIT improves your aerobic capacity as much as 6-8 weeks of endurance training!!! Yup sign me up!  We are all busy so if you can get a more efficient workout done in less time why not!!!

They help you in other areas such as running, biking etc.  When I was doing crossfit several days a week (which a lot of the workouts are HIIT style) I found that I shed 1 minute of my running pace up to a 5k (I don't know if it shed more than that because that was as far as I was running at the time)

HIIT workouts encourage production of HGH (human growth hormone) this is the hormone responsible for caloric burn.  So you stimulate more HGH production during HIIT thus increasing your metabolism and as an added bonus, HGH also slows the aging process.  Fountain of youth right here!!!

HIIT is wonderful because it is short and sweet and to the point.  You wont' be chatting it up while you do this but since you won't be working near as long, that won't matter.

I hope you enjoy this one, HIIT workouts are some of my favorites!!!  Let me know how you did, or what you thought!!

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