Friday, January 23, 2015

DIY Laundry Detergent

Anyone ever attempt making their own laundry soap?  I have, and I went through a few recipes to find one that I like.  The best part is it is cheaper than regular laundry soap and I can add in oils to scent it however I would like.  I have been using this recipe since the first of December and I haven't put much of a dent in using it up!!  That makes me sooo incredibly happy!

Here is the recipe  I got it from (it's a great site, go show some love and check it out)
20 mule team borax 4lbs 12 oz
3 bars Fels-Naptha
oxi-clean versatile stain remover 3lb.
purex crystals, 28oz or 36.2oz Gain Fireworks 
Arm & Hammer pure baking soda 4lb, 
Arm & hammer super washing soda 55 oz
Shred your soap, I used my ninja to chop mine very finely.  Then mix everything together. I used a huge bucket to mix it in and then put it in a pretty container.  I got my glass container at wal-mart, but I found some on amazon too.  I also had to store some in quart mason jars.

I add oils to each batch of laundry so that my oils don't evaporate and loose their yummy smell.  I really like using Lavender and orange on my bedding.  I use the DoTERRA blend Purify on my towels.  And whatever scent I am enjoying in the moment on my other clothing.  I usually just ad 3-5 drops of oil per batch of laundry, and I add it to my detergent so the oils are not going directly on my clothes.  Click here to order DoTERRA Oils

To use the soap, just use 1/8 cup of soap per load of laundry.  I am so happy with it and I love how my clothes smell.

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