Monday, January 19, 2015

What in the world is foot zone therapy?

About 7 years ago I trained and certified as a foot zone therapist.  Believing in alternative therapy as I do I entered my training without ever having been zoned. After my first class I had received my first zone and it was great!  I knew I was on the right path.  I have very much enjoyed my journey of learning and healing and helping other heal.    Foot zone therapy is similar to reflexology but much more in depth.

I found this image online as my scanner isn't working to upload the one I have created.  This one is very close to the one I have.  I found it at 
As with most alternative healing; foot zone therapy looks at the body as a whole, and not just the specific symptom or body part.  A zone session is applied to the feet through rubbing and applying pressure in a specific pattern and method to help the body heal itself.  It is continually gaining popularity in the field of alternative health as it is a non invasive way to help the body to heal itself without dramatic side effects.  The map of the human body lays out in the feet the same way that it does on the body.  If it is on the right side of your body it is on the right foot, and if it is on the left side of your body it is on your left foot.  If it is in the center or found on both sides of the body you will find it on both feet.  

Through a zone session your feet will be rubbed and had pressure applied to points throughout the entire foot  and therefore helping the entire body to heal.  Our body is fully connected with an intricate pattern of "subtle energies" such as meridians, chakras and also nerve endings that are sensitive to pressure and energetic movement.  We need to remember that our bodies are fully connected so we should treat it that way and help the body as a whole and not just one specific symptom.  Often you will find that a certain symptom has a much deeper underlying problem somewhere else within the body.  You will find in the feet, ways to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  It allows for renewed energy and healing of the body.  I really felt the renewed energy with my first zone, it was almost like a high and it was incredible!  Using electromagnetic trigger points within the specific areas of the feet, your body can be healed.  Each point creates a corresponding change in the area represented on the foot by stimulating that specific trigger point.  Every single cell in the body is triggered during a foot zone session.

If you are close by me (I live in UT)  I would love to schedule you for a foot zone session.  Sessions take 45 min to an hour and they are wonderful, sometimes slightly painful, but always a great way to increase your energy, sleep better, and to help your body heal.  I recommend getting a zone on a regular basis, ideally anywhere from every couple days to every 4-8 weeks depending on your current health status.  Please comment with your e-mail address below and I will be in touch to schedule a session with you.

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