Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let's Workout!

I think that changing up your workout is important.  I have a few things I prefer to do, but I find that if that is all I do I don't make as much progress as I do when I change things up.  I really love strength training, it is by far my favorite, and then I love to dance, and I never thought I would say it but I enjoy running.  What are your favorite workouts?

To keep things changed up I like to get in at least a couple of cardio days, at least a couple of strength days and a couple of yoga/pilates type days (this is my least favorite, but I still enjoy it).  It is amazing to me how much work it is to stretch, how can something that seems so easy be so much work.  I find that so much in my running and strength training improves when I am doing yoga regularly.  When I have a weird pain that comes up usually incorporating more yoga helps me out a lot.  

Sometimes I combine things, like I will do a short run and some strength training, or a short run and some yoga.  HIIT workouts are great and they are such a great and efficient workout, combining strength and cardio.  I like change in my routine, if that makes any sense...  I am in the routine of exercising every morning, but I enjoy changing things and adding new challenges.

I think Sunday is of course a day of rest, so if I take a day off it is usually Sunday but during the 12 weeks I am really going to make an effort to exercise every day.  I do think that our bodies need rest from different things though so you don't over do it with one specific type of workout.  I really feel like a nice walk enjoying nature is a great sunday exercise, but since it is freezing outside (at least where I am at)  I really enjoy doing something soothing and calm like Yoga or pilates. Thanks to Kasey and her awesome comment about this great site, here is one to try today.  You can do just one or both, they are both fairly easy (I didn't even break a sweat doing both) but they felt great.  This is a yoga one, it's only 15 min so you could do a little something extra.  Or combine the it with this next one.  This workout is only 17 minutes so if you don't combine it with the previous one, maybe add in a little warm up run or something to get to your full 20 minutes.   Or do a few dance videos first.  Whatever you enjoy.

I hope this week of exercise has started your habit so it is easier to continue.  As with each habit we start we will be continuing to exercise at least 20 minutes each day through the full 12 weeks, and I will sporadically post some workouts for you to try out, but I hope I gave you enough tools to get a few workouts in without a gym if you need.

Just a review we are now
*drinking half our body weight in ounces of water each day
*exercising at least 20 minutes each day
*check back tomorrow to find out what else we are adding for week 3!!!

As always I would love to hear how you liked the workout!?  Tell me what types of workouts you enjoy most?  Did you check out the site aside from the workout?  Isn't it awesome!

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