Friday, January 16, 2015

Rise and Shine! Time To Work it!

I hope you all had fun dancing yesterday!! I love to dance, it makes me feel young and free and sweaty.  lol.  Here is your workout for today!  Let's run.  If you can, go run outside!  If you are like me and have a treadmill at home and don't want to brave the cold then lets do a fun treadmill workout.  Here is what I do to keep the TM a bit more interesting.  I crank my music to something great, my current favorites are anything Pitbull, All about that base, Uptown Funk, and Shake it off, or get a good movie/show on netflix and tune in.  Intervals help me keep it interesting too.  Sometimes I follow a set schedule and sometimes I go with how I feel.  As always warm up first, and stretch after!  Let me know how you do.  If you run outside, try just doing intervals for certain distances, for example I am going to sprint to the next light post, and then slow to my normal pace, then sprint and then slow, then sprint and then walk...  I do this with most of my runs to keep things interesting.  Can't wait to hear how your run goes.

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